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The ETI problem and why it needs solving

The role of encryption of information being transported between two end-points has three widely recognized positive purposes depending on the context:

  • confidentiality protection of the transferred content;
  • enhanced trust in the identity of the parties associated with the information; and
  • enhanced trust in the integrity of the information during transport.

However, encryption may have a negative impact on third parties who do not have access to the encryption keys used and therefore do not have access to the content, but may have operational or legal responsibilities that require or is dependent on some level of knowledge of the information transported. Critical factors include how the keys were generated, who has knowledge of them, and how are they protected or shared.

The ETI ecosystem

This part of the WiKi is a translation and reformatting of the ETSI ISG ETI report on the eco-system as it applies to the work area of the ISG. In this respect the WiKi is intended as a living reference document for undertaking the responsibilities, areas of activity, organization and working methods enumerated in the Terms of Reference for Encrypted Traffic Integration ISG. ETI is inherently diverse, dynamic, and spread across a complex array of bodies and activities worldwide, and constitutes a specialized ecosystem. The Group's effectiveness is predicated in large measure by constantly discovering, analysing, and understanding the diverse requirements and work occurring in this ecosystem in some kind of structured fashion. The present document should also be useful to the many constituents that are part of the encrypted traffic integration ecosystem.

A broad summary of the problem and why there is a requirement to develop mitigations is given in the ETI Problem Statement.

Therefore the primary purpose of this WiKi is to capture, discover, and assemble enumerated lists in alphabetic order of global encrypted traffic integration constituents. It attempts to be as inclusive as possible to expand collective insight into the extent and diversity of the ecosystem:

As far as is possible the material in this WiKi is collated in pages based on the above list. These can be navigated in conventional WiKi style by clicking on the links.

In addition this WiKi includes an extensive list of Terms and definitions, Abbreviations and some illustrative use cases of the relationships among the different groups.

This ecosystem changes constantly, so URIs provide links to the activities for the latest information.

Summary of recent updates

Quite a lot of the pages have had their placeholder lorem ipsum text replaced although there is still a lot remaining. As we increase the number of contributors this will change significantly (we hope).

For a summary of the new publications in the field that we want to bring attention to we are citing certain Google Scholar results (other search engines will provide similar results).

Middlebox encryption

Pervasive encryption

The message here is that there is a lot of activity in the field and not all of it supportive of the wider aims of ETI.