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ETI Problem Statement

The problem statement (linked to above) is where ETI starts from. The purpose of the document is to consider the impact of pervasive encryption on stakeholders, and to assist future standards development activity in mitigating the negative impact on stakeholders whilst not adversely impacting the positive impacts of such a paradigm on stakeholders, including the regulatory and lawful dimensions. The document is structured as follows (starting from the main body which always starts at clause 4 in ETSI publications):

• Clause 4 outlines the role of encryption as it is being applied to networks from a mainly business perspective.

• Clause 5 outlines the problem from a primarily technical perspective.

• Clause 6 reviews some aspects of the integration of pervasive encryption to protocols in networks.

• Annex A provides a summary of the impact of pervasive encryption on various formal compliance obligations.

• Annex B gives an overview of the various common approaches to provide encryption in networks.

• Annex C offers a number of examples on the impact of pervasive encryption.

Thus the document is a report into the scope and scale of pervasive encryption in electronic/digital communications networks and the intended readership is all stakeholders. The document structure is intended to guide different readers to appropriate content.

This WiKi copies and expands a little on the content of Annex C.